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Band Bio

Founded in late 2016, Leadfoot brought together 5 of southern New England's finest musicians.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the local music scene, Leadfoot promises to entertain a crowd unlike any other.

Leadfoot plays an eclectic combination of rock, country, and Top-40 music for a crowd of all ages to enjoy.  Leadfoot comes equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting to handle venues of all sizes.

Members of Leadfoot have enjoyed playing venues such as the following:

  • The Middle East - Cambridge, MA

  • Central Tavern - Milford, MA

  • Pinz Entertainment - Milford, MA

  • Firehouse 13 - Providence, RI

  • The Spot Underground - Providence, RI

  • The Living Room - Providence, RI

  • The Hawk's Nest - Whitinsville, MA

  • Jillian's - Worcester, MA

  • KasBar - Worcester, MA

  • Creegan's Pub - Worcester, MA

  • Greendale's Pub - Worcester, MA

  • Lou's Cafe - Manville, RI

  • Drafter's Sports Cafe - Dudley, MA

  • Day's End Tavern - Oxford, MA

  • Oakley's - Burrillville, RI

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MICHEAL BOSMA - Lead Vocals/Harmonica

Mike is the ringleader of the stage and he brings an infectious charisma to each and every gig.  Mike has plenty of experience as a frontman and will make sure to get you singing along!

Mike's past bands have included Slingshot and Heavy Head Harry.

Mike uses Sennheiser microphones and harmonicas from Hohner International.

BRIAN BOUCHER - Drums/Vocals

Every band needs a timekeeper to lay down the groove and Brian is that guy.  His drumming will keep the crowd dancing all night long!

Brian's past bands have included Ventt and Chain Reaction.

Brian plays Yamaha drums and Zildjian cymbals.


Joe can melt faces with the best of them!  If there's a sound that a guitar can make, Joe can do it.  His precise guitar playing mimics the most recognizable solos and melodies.

Joe's previous bands have included Slingshot, Rockhouse, and 6 Destiny.

Joe plays Gibson guitars and uses Line 6 effects/amplification.

ZACH ANDERSON - Bass/Vocals/Programming

Hear that low rumble that makes you want to get your hips moving?  That's coming from the other piece of the rhythm section.  Zach is certainly no stranger to the low end grooves!

Zach's previous bands have included Spelling Out Disaster, This Is For Glory, and Hammerton.

Zach plays Fender basses, and uses Boss and Tech 21 effects.

BRYAN TOLLIVER - Guitar/Vocals

Rounding out Leadfoot's sound is the other half of the six-string alliance, Bryan.  Bryan's enthusiasm shows in his playing and he has the ability to play guitar in a way that you didn't know you wanted to hear...but so glad you did!

Bryan comes to Leadfoot having played in Pozer and Doors of Perception.

Bryan plays Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and uses Mesa Boogie amplification.

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